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Date: Mon 09 Jul 2018

Best Parks to Visit in West London

There is a reason why London is the Greenest City in the World!

There is a reason why London is the greenest city of Europe and the third greenest city in the world… the parks! But as we know, this is a very diverse city and we have a list of the best parks you can visit in the West area.



Holland Park

Location: Kensington

This is one of the best places to spend your weekend mornings. Right in the district of Kensington and Chelsea. The affluent Holland Park is filled with woodland, a cricket pitch, tennis court, playgrounds and even a café! If you’re looking for an ‘escape’ from London, you can also visit it’s Japanese garden, it’s a beautiful place to visit when the sun is out.

Nearest station: Holland Park

What to do next: Finish your day at Windsor Castle, a pub and restaurant where you can try the best craft beers and enjoy some British traditional dishes with a classy turn.

Official Holland Park Site



Kensington Gardens

Location: Kensington

This park (to the west-side of Hyde Park) is perfect for those interested in the Royal family as it was once the private gardens of Kensington Palace. You can visit the Diana Memorial Playground if you have children or visit the Serpentine galleries & Kensington Palace if you are interested in architecture and history. From having a walk by the pond to visiting one of the several restaurants inside the park, there is something for everyone.

Nearest station: Queensway & Lancaster Gate

What to do next: Book a table at the two Michelin starred ‘Ledbury’ restaurant in Notting Hill (half an hour walk from the centre of the park). It's very expensive - but worth it! Alternatively, there's a Wholefoods to the South of the park for those wanting healthy food for a picnic!

Official Kensington Gardens Site



Chiswick House and Gardens

Location: Chiswick

Though it’s not exactly a park, this iconic building has 65 acres of garden with classical ponds, fountains and an 18th-century wilderness. You will feel as if you had travel back in time as you walk through it.

Nearest station: Turnham Green
What to do next: You don’t have to go too far to enjoy delicious food! Head to the Chiswick House Café and delight yourself with sandwiches, soups and many other treats made with produce from the Gardens at Chiswick. Deliciously organic!

Official Chiswick House & Gardens Site



Ravenscourt Park

Location: Hammersmith

An amazing spot to visit on the weekends or on a regular basis, this 13-hectare open space has sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts but it is so popular mostly because of its tea house and garden centre.

Nearest station: Stamford Brook
What to do next: Have a unique experience at Potli, the London home of Indian market food. Prepare your taste buds to taste authentic Indian cuisine while you enjoy the environment of a typical street market.

Official Ravenscourt Park Site



Wormwood Scrubs Park

Location: White City

This is the perfect place to rediscover the UK’s nature. Wormwood Scrubs Park has almost 100 species of birds and 250 species of wildflowers on site. It’s also the perfect spot to keep yourself active as you can walk, cycle, run and practice many other sports or hobbies… like model aircraft!

Nearest station: East Acton
What to do next: Experience British and European-influenced food at Paradise, a lavish restaurant that only cooks fresh and locally sourced ingredients. There’s a menu just for Saturday brunch so you know this is the ideal place to enjoy your weekend.

Official Wormwood Scrubs Site

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