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Date: Sat 02 Sep 2017

Healthiest Places to Eat in East London

We're not talking 'sort of' healthy were talking: Raw, Unprocessed and Non-refined!


Location: Shoreditch

Redemption prides itself on serving dairy-free, wheat-free and refined sugar-free delicious food. Vegans will likely enjoy the Pulled BBQ Jackfruit which tastes exactly like pork, served with Sweet Potato Fries or the Brown Rice Penne Pasta in a rich tomato and garlic sauce. If you have a sweet-tooth, Redemption specialise in guilt-free desserts with a beautifully presented 100% vegan Cheesecake and Banoffee Pie.

Other London branches: Notting Hill (West)

Official Healthy Redemption Site




Location: Spitalfields

This relaxed restaurant has a simple décor with a wide variety of unique dishes. We believe in eating healthy without counting calories but for those who do–they keep dishes light, i.e. the scrambled eggs and toast contains lots of egg but only two tiny slices of toast! We think of Ottolenghi as a breakfast spot; however, it is open for all meals of the day, serving filling hot food such as the Tempura Sweet Potato with Peanut and Coriander Vadouvan.

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Location: Broadway Market - Hackney

Green Tea has medicinal properties which can treat a number of diseases because of the antioxidants found in its composition. Therefore, we highly recommend visiting Tiosk–a tea store on Broadway Market. You can enjoy teas ranging from Matcha, Chai or Elderflower Tisane. They sweeten their Tea with non-refined sweeteners, and they offer soy/almond milk as non-dairy alternatives. With regards to food served, they offer cakes to enjoy with your tea, with the occasional healthy option.

Official Tiosk Site




Location: The City

SHOT keeps its menu, interior and even its name–simple. SHOT stands for 'Simple, Healthy, Organic and Tasty'. Don’t be fooled by the healthy eating prominence; this place is cool. One of its owners is an ex-DJ, who turned to healthy eating as he frequently felt exhausted as a result of his busy schedule (City workers I feel you listening) so he started SHOT which specialises in raw, unprocessed food to help sustain a fast-paced lifestyle.

Official Healthy SHOT Site




Location: Shoreditch

Located just off Shoreditch High Street is Andina. Think Sea Bass Ceviche, Grilled Octopus and Crispy Plantain in this restaurant and Pisco bar. The portions are small, but that is expected in keeping with Peruvian Ceviche dishes. Expect a relaxed vibe in this trendy Picantería; however, it does close slightly earlier than expected for its busy location, closing at 11 pm, so make sure not to arrive too late as they will stop serving food.

Official Andina Site

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