29 May

Date: Sat 06 Jan 2018

Lower your Stress Levels with Humour!

Don’t cry, laugh it off with natures best medicine!

Imagine you could laugh your way through anxiety? You may have been exposed to the several studies over the years that have proved that laughter is the best medicine. Studies such as the Loma Linda University study which measured the stress levels of a group of adults in their 60's and 70's. One group was asked to sit silently while the other group watched funny videos. After taking saliva tests, results revealed that the humour group had lower levels of the stress hormone—cortisol.

This is very useful to know as it can help you can take action to use humour to tackle anxiety. A significant number of techniques for dealing with stress have been advised and instructed, and we're all thankful for that. The purpose of this article is to show you how useful it can be to use your sense of humour to have control over negative thoughts.

Now, of course, merely forcing yourself to laugh at things you don't genuinely find funny is not enough. All that is, is feeling down on the inside but laughing on the outside. Find things that genuinely make you laugh no matter what mood you are in.

1. If it is friends or family that make you laugh (every group usually has one comedian), make time to see them more. Set a calendar invite or reminder on your phone to see them once a month or commit to contacting them over the phone.

2. If you are not in the mood for talking to people, then bookmark that YouTube clip that always makes you laugh (no matter how many times you have seen it) and put it on every morning right after your alarm goes off.

3. Maybe a thread of messages from a friend really made you laugh when you read it. If it did simply screenshot the conversation and re-read it whenever you can.

Make a choice with your mood. You get to decide to either believe in the negative thoughts which over time can turn into anxiety or laugh at them. Without critiquing your thoughts or becoming hostile towards them, laugh at them with love. Having a sense of humour towards anxiety, starves it and believing in it and allowing it to control your actions, feeds it. Forget having a massive list of unachievable New Years Resolutions this year, have just one—to 'laugh off any negative thoughts and distract yourself with the humour of everyday life' and watch your life change for the better.

Make 2018 your best year yet! Continue to laugh it off, and I guarantee you’ll always have the last laugh!

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