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Date: Mon 19 Nov 2018

Best Viewpoints in London

Explore our favourite (totally free) viewpoints in London

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See our top pick of beautiful London locations to visit to witness the best views and scenery



One Tree Hill

Be prepared to walk up the 270 feet of elevation to enjoy one of the best romantic views of London. From the London Eye to The Shard, the view is not extremely open, but the natural setting makes it perfect for a nicely framed picture. The One Tree Hill is perfect for nature lovers and stair climbing, which delivers several benefits by improving our cardiovascular fitness and burns more calories per minutes than jogging! The Hill has double access, from Honor Oak Park and from Brenchley Gardens where you can continue with a healthy walk and lovely Peckham Rye Park is just 10 minutes away! Visit the site in the morning to have perfect light conditions for taking amazing photos.

Opening Hours: Unrestricted

Nearest Station: Honor Oak Park (South London)


The Point

Located in Point Hill, next to the famous Greenwich Park, The Point offers one of the widest views, from Central London to Canary Wharf and beyond! This is the ideal nature spot where to have a picnic, break up with stress and have quality time with your family and friends. It is also the perfect place of departure for a walk through the lovely Greenwich Village overlooking the Thames and Canary Wharf, or of course, up the hill to the Royal Observatory. If you aim to take amazing photos, be there early in the morning or during sunset time, this is the perfect spot to put the good use that panorama setting!

Opening Hours: Unrestricted

Nearest Station: Greenwich (East London)


Mudchute Park and Farm

If you are looking for a nice view with entertainment for kids, this is the place for you! The Mudchute Park and Farm is a 32 acres site located in the middle of the Isle of Dogs and offers fantastic views across London....plus sheep, horses and ponies! The farm is one of the largest inner City Farms in Europe, London's only Rare Breed Survival Trust's Approved Conservation Farm Park and counts over 100 animals and fowl. Mudchute is a local charity, admission is free, but if you would like to give support, there are different memberships available and volunteering opportunities.
Observe Tip: If you then take the DLR train from Mudchute towards Bank, you will see amazing glimpses of Canary Wharf!

Opening Hours: Farm open every day, 9 am - 5 pm

Nearest Station: Mudchute (East London)

Official Mudchute Park and Farm Website


One New Change, Roof Terrace

Relax and take a break from shopping and tourist attractions while looking at a very special cityscape. The roof terrace of the One New Change building offers you an inspiring view, full of history and culture, so close to St. Paul's Cathedral that you could almost touch it! And that's not all folks, outdoor events are hosted throughout the year, going from yoga classes to free screenings of Wimbledon.

Observe Tip: Be there during sunset time to take stunning pictures...but don't forget to wait for the night view!

Opening Hours: Every day, 6 am - Midnight

Nearest Station: St.Paul’s (Central London)

Official One New Change Website


Primrose Hill

When you crave for stunning cityscapes views, this hill has what you need, believe me. If you walk to the top of Primrose Hill you will get to see one of the six protected viewpoints in London and a York stone edging with a William Blake inscription which reads: "I have conversed with the spiritual sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill". Recent studies affirm that people feel healthier when they live and look out over scenic areas, so this uninterrupted view of London is definitely good for your health.

Opening Hours: 5 am - depending on the season

Nearest Station: Chalk Farm (North London)

Official Primrose Hill Website

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